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I’m feeling a little bit better about myself and my future now.  Lots of things have happened since I stopped writing on this blog: several jobs, a move (though not like I expected), I’ve gone back to school for a Master’s Degree (in something), and we’re looking to move again in a few months.  Michelle is finishing up her internship, and considering jobs in the region (and out of it).

I’ll have more info later: I’m still working on some papers for class, and they’re due on Monday.


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i have no freakin idea what i’m doing.

i’m not the Substitute Preacher anymore. i might be again sometime, but not that i can see anytime soon.

i’m depressed, lost, tired, stressed.


A Surprising Source

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 Everyone has a relative that forwards things, right?  Or, maybe you’re the one that forwards things.  Either way, I just got this email last night, and thought it worthy of posting.  I’m normally untrusting of forwarded emails, but I’ve researched this one at Ben Stein’s website and, and I’ve copied the actual text from Ben Stein’s site.  It was delivered December 12th, 2005.

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what the….

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The other day, someone found my site by typing “bite the head off a frog” into Google.

I just don’t know how to respond to that.

A cool church

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I copied these from a church’s job listing, following a large section of very faith-filled history from a young and totally independent church. Not just non-denominational, but made-from-whole-cloth independent; no mother-church, no association with any order or association or anything that I can find.

And it’s just the kind of church that I’m looking for, and would love to serve in. Most people would think I’m crazy, being excited about a church that admits they have no money, no building, etc. But this church just seems exciting; I’m hoping and praying that God can connect my wife and I with this body of believers.

  • We are not charismatic
  • We do not emphasize the sign gifts – tongues, prophecy, healing
  • We do not believe you can lose your salvation
  • We do not want to be influenced by human traditions as found in the Catholic Church, Lutheran Church, etc.
  • We do not want to be about “just getting people in the door”
  • We do not want to be a “holy huddle”
  • We do not want to be lazy or flippant with our faith
  • We do not want a pastor that teaches primarily from the KJV

A Thought on Church Growth

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As I was filling out an application today, I was struck with a thought.  I’m not sure where I believe yet, but I thought it fitting to share it and see what others think.

  • A church should not grow to a size that it requires more than 2 employed ministers.  At such a point, it should instead ‘daughter’ a church with the resources, in order to spread the Gospel both through numbers and geography.

Thoughts? Comments?  Alternate Ideas?

The More Things Change….

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Well, if you’re a reader of my Xanga blog, you’d know that change didn’t happen the way I was hoping it would.  No phone call at all, just an email 5 days later saying the PSC has decided to not pursue me as their next pastor.  So, back to the search.

It’s been hard for us.  We were excited about moving, about taking on new rolls in the community, about taking on new responsibilities and relationships.  It’s scary, too, thinking that God is going to do this, and then *blamm-o* He does something different.  It’s hard to not get discouraged; not just about the search, but about God.  If He doesn’t follow through with what He’s said He would do, what does that mean?

Is He real?

Did we all hear Him wrong?

Did He change His mind?

Did I/we do something wrong?

All I know is, if He doesn’t do something soon, I’ll be forced to work at Kmart or Lowe’s, or deliver pizza.  Or some combination of the three.  My unemployment runs out in a few weeks, Michelle’s quit her job at the church in preparation to move, and we have major bills that are due.

Please, come through.